Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Bulletproof Coffee is a mixture of high quality grass-fed butter, pharmaceutical grade MCT oil, and specially selected wet processed Organic Coffee Beans. This drink is becoming wildly popular for several reasons:

You get a 5 to 6 hour clean, even, burst of energy from high quality good fats. You should feel alert and focused all day without the crash experienced from commercial energy drinks.

It melts body fat and can increase muscle mass.

It’s made with high quality unsalted grass-fed butter, so it tastes great and provides important fatty acids like CLA.

I have just started trying out this new technique 1 to 3 times a week, nicknamed Fat coffee and I do feel great all day if I have it in the morning before exercise or work. I still have a big fruit bowl before but as this coffee contains about 600 calories I am full enough until lunchtime.

About those beans....  

  • 52 - 91.7% of green coffee beans are contaminated with mycotoxins
  • 50% of brewed coffee beans are mouldy.
  • Caffeine protects coffee beans from mould.
  • Decaf coffee is higher in Mycotoxins which has been known to cause hypertension and kidney disease.
  • Mycotoxins also make your coffee taste bitter. You want to avoid mycotoxins as much as possible.
  • Coffee that is not processed soon after harvest gets more mould than quickly processed coffee.
  • Coffee develops more mould when it is left to sit, which is how most large scale coffee manufacturers produce their coffee.
  • Coffee is the number one source of antioxidants for Americans. (Unfortunately  it is also one of the largest sources of mycotoxins)
  • Roasted coffee beans have a higher antioxidant content. Moderate doses of caffeine improve mental performance.
  • Caffeine influences gene expression in a way that protects your brain.
  • The caffeine in coffee is a powerful antioxidant that can even protect against Alzheimer’s.
  • Caffeine is an ergogenic aid, meaning it increases power output. This is true for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

How Can You Find Mycotoxin-Free Coffee?

By following these tips, you can enjoy your cup of coffee without having it ruin your health.

1. Drink coffee that has been made via wet processing. Because mycotoxins often form during the drying process, wet beans are much less likely to contain them than dry beans.

2. Do not drink decaffeinated coffee. Caffeine actually protects coffee beans from the growth of mould and can prevent large amounts of mycotoxins from growing.

3. Choose arabica beans over robusta beans. Though robusta varieties do have higher levels of caffeine, they also contain more mycotoxins.

4. Consider the environment in which your beans are grown. Because mould is less likely to grow at higher elevations, buying beans that have been harvested in the mountains of Central America is a great way to decrease the amount of toxins in your coffee.

5. Stay away from blends. Though blended coffees may taste good, there really is no way of telling where the different bean varieties have come from. Try to stick to single estate products rather than the major brand names.

6. Steam is an agent that can help break down toxins, so if all else fails, order an Americano.


High grade, certified organic coffee

50-80g Grass fed butter: Yeo Valley butter (make sure you buy unsalted)

30ml Extra Virgin Coconut oil or refined MCT Oil

Method:  Brew a large mug of fresh black coffee, 6-8oz. Add 50g - 80g butter to a jug/blender (50g for beginners). Add 1x tbsp / 30ml Coconut oil. I add a touch of water to melt the contents. Pour in the black coffee, then whisk or blend on low setting until frothy.

This makes approx two mugs so enjoy whilst getting ready for your day or before your morning run.

Good resources found here:

Organic selection Coffee beans, I found these in my local health shop £4.50 (227g)

Let me know how you feel and get along!



Sunday, 10 February 2013


This super charged green smoothie is packed with immune boosting vitamin K and C to help replenish and revive those aching muscles after the stress of a long run or sporting event the day before.

The 24 hours after a strenuous event are vital in replacing lost fluids, nutrients and vitamins back into the body to aid recovery and repair the immune system quickly to help get you back on track. Today my body was screaming out for this delicious recovery elixir!

1/2 scoop Vegan protein
30g Fine Oats
1x Beetroot
2x Bananas
100ml Pressed Apple Raspberry (juiced or coldpress)
100ml Coconut water
60g Kale
40g Spinach
2x tsp Chia seeds
2x tsp Super Green powder (spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass)

100% pressed Apple & Raspberry Coldpress
Add the protein powder, oats, super greens and coconut water to a blender. Then put in chopped banana, beetroot and kale. Add the seeds, spinach and fruit juices then top with blueberries. Blend on high or pulse setting until all the kale is smooth. Top up with water if required as this may come out as a thick smoothie otherwise.

Enjoy and feel recovered!

Thursday, 7 February 2013


This super powerful green smoothie is perfect first thing as a kick start for your day to stay sharp and focused. The winter green selection is packed full of vitamins and is high in vitamin K. 

Vitamin K helps absorb calcium into the bones, so using leafy greens regularly in your diet will help strengthen the bones as a benefit for running and exercise. Vitamin K is found in many fruits and vegetables, particularly high in Kale and leafy green vegetables. You can never overdose on vitamin K! 

(can serve two depending on activity level)
1x Banana chopped
1x scoop Vegan protein mix
30g Fine Oats (optional)
50g Blueberries
40g Spring greens
30g Rocket, Chard, Spinach mix
1x tsp Super green powder
1x tsp Chia seeds
10x Pinch Purple Radish seedlings
50ml Pressed apple juice
30ml Water

(No Sugar No Grain/low carb followers remove the banana and oats)

METHOD:  Add the powders, fine oats and chopped banana to a blender. Pour in the apple juice. Add the greens, seedlings and blueberries. Sprinkle in the chia seeds then add the water.  I find the juice and banana sweetens the smoothie enough for me but you can add some Agave syrup to sweeten for taste if desired. Blend on pulse or high setting until thoroughly smooth.



Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I LOVE my Oats!

Oats, like other cereal grains, are valued primarily as a source of carbohydrates which provide calories for energy needs. Oats have been shown in scientific studies to favourably alter metabolism and enhance performance when ingested 45 minutes to one hour before exercise of moderate intensity.

Eating oats can spread the rise in blood sugars over a longer time period. Control of blood glucose and insulin levels is essential in preventing many of the complications associated with diabetes. Oat beta-glucan slows the rise in blood glucose levels following a meal and delays its decline to pre-meal levels.

Here's how it works…As the beta-glucan in the soluble fibre of oats is digested, it forms a gel, which causes the viscosity of the contents of the stomach and small intestine to be increased. This in turn slows down digestion and prolongs the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. This means dramatic changes in blood sugar levels are avoided. Other sources of soluble fibre are grains, fresh fruit and vegetables.

30-50g Oats
30g chopped Dates
20g Seed mix (pumpkin/sunflower)
1/2 tsp Acai powder
1x chopped Banana (or 20g Blueberries)
Boiling water (small amount)
Splash of coconut water (or Soya/Rice milk)

METHOD:  Add the oats, chopped dates, Acai powder and seeds into a bowl. Top with boiling water, just enough to cover the oats and stir in gently. Leave to stand for a few minutes. Then add either blueberries or chopped banana. I splash with either soya milk or coconut water for flavour and to cool the oats.

This is the fastest way to serve oats and great if you plan on a run or exercise within an hour from eating. Serving oats hot feeds your metabolism fast and digests quickly. Alternatively serve with cold water if you want slower releasing energy (I often do this).